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sculptor Jen Pratt

Horse Art & Handmade Fine Art Sculptures by Artist Jen Pratt

I specialize in horse art with a focus on clay sculptures.  I’m a teaching artist, in that I both work as an artist and teach classes online.  I have several types of artworks available:

  • handmade and kiln fired clay sculptures (one-of-a-kind originals)
  • 2d art: fine art prints, aceo cards, and artist note cards

I also provide resources for artists: I teach art classes online to help others learn the art of clay sculpture, of drawing horses, and general business and equipment courses, tools, and articles.

Horse statues by Jen Pratt: "Journey", handmade horse art, fine art sculptures, horse gifts

Handmade, Kiln Fired Clay Sculptures

Fine art sculptures are one-of-a-kind, original artworks by Jen.  Clay sculptures are handmade and kiln fired for durability.  Each sculpture is completely unique, with no molds or casts made.  These artworks are high quality in both form and finish, and built to last!  For more on clay sculptures visit the FAQ section on my contact page.

Fine Art Prints

Fine art prints come in several forms: wall art, ACEO cards, and note cards.  These prints are archival in nature.  Wall art can be bought and shipped as an 8″x10″ print (unless otherwise specified), or is available for immediate download for your personal use.  Downloaded images can be shared on social media, but please contact me for commercial or other web or print related uses.



About horse artist Jen Pratt:

My Art:

I create handmade fine art sculptures and drawings, and provide online sculpture courses and other resources for artists.

Handmade horse art and fine art sculptures by Jen Pratt, artist website designer, resources for artists
Sculptor and Teaching Artist Jen Pratt; Horse Artist, Ceramic Sculpture Artist

Web Design:

On top of offering resources to help artists learn the trade and run their business, I also offer web design services and can build your artist website for you!

Art Classes, Business Tools, and Resources for Artists

All of my classes, quizzes, and other art projects can be found in the “Classes & Tools” section in the link menus, while book reviews and other information can be found under “Helpful Articles”  in the menus and in the blog section below.  In the blog, you can use the tabs to look through specific categories of articles.

  • Art classes by Jen consist of clay sculpture projects ranging from an easy pottery box, to a simpler horse head sculpture class, to a larger full-body panther sculpture that needs an armature.  There are also projects like building a light box to take better photos, and (coming soon) drawing and business classes.
  • Over the years I’ve built spreadsheets and templates to help me with the business side of art, and I’m converting these templates over to a sharable format (Google Sheets) so that others can also benefit from these without having to build it themselves!  You can see all of my small business tools and spreadsheets here.
  • The Helpful Articles / blog section includes information on firing a kiln, relative measurements and drawing the horse, and more – with much more to come!  Subscribe to have new posts and art classes sent directly to your inbox!
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