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ACEO 1 “Arabian || Realistic Horse Drawings || High Quality 2.5×3.5 Art Prints


“ARABIAN” BEAUTIFUL REALISTIC HORSE DRAWINGS ACEO: ACEO cards are collectible artworks: small drawings and paintings that were first created to allow artists to trade work with one another, also known as artist trading cards.

Jen’s artworks have a unique style of realism with a hint of exaggeration.  An intense level of detail goes into each work of art.  These artworks are high quality in both form and finish, and are made to last (see FAQ’s and Contact for more).



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“Arabian” Realistic Horse Drawings ACEO 1:

This stylized Arabian horse drawing is given a richer depth and style from these deep, brown eyes – the main focus of these semi-realistic horse drawings prints. While most Arabian artworks focus on the spirit of the Arabian, I wanted this drawing to depict a quieter, more serene moment.

ACEO 1: How the Original Arabian Horse Drawing was made:

The original horse head drawing is graphite, and the monochromatic finish on the eye was added post-production by computer.

This is an ACEO, or Artist Trading Card, version of this drawing and is 2.5″ x 3.5″ and comes in a protective card sleeve.  Click more to read about ACEO cards and see all ACEO cards by Jen.  This artwork is also available as:

8×10 Arabian Horse Drawing  ||  5×7 Downloadable Horse Sketch  ||  ACEO 2 Art Print

Products Used In Making These Animal Pencil Drawings:

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