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Art Planner: Art Journal Ideas and Prompts, Weekly Planner, Goal and Habit Setting, and More

GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE  ||  ART JOURNAL  ||  WEEKLY ART PLANNER IDEAS AND PROMPTS: there are 10 pages in this PDF art planner, including the cover.  This journal includes:

  • long-term goal planning and finding your “why”
  • weekly artist planner pages
  • art journal prompts
  • art/collections planner
  • concept sketch section
  • final sketch section
  • clay firing schedule
  • habit tracker
  • notes

This planner works for everything from individual 2D artworks to planning a sculpture series!  Feel free to print pages as needed for your personal use, but please share this link rather than sharing the product and help support an artist!

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Art Journal Sections:

Long-Term Goals:

This section is useful for outlining where you want your art to go and what you want to accomplish long-term.  Use this section to help create your future vision.

Weekly Planner:

This section helps you outline the steps needed to meet your long-term goals.  The weekly calendar section has space to add specific dates if needed, a small sketch/notes section, a weekly priorities section, a to-do checklist section, and sections for appointments and reminders.

Art Journal Prompts / Art Journal Ideas:

This section includes 50 art prompts (25 general and 25 sculptural) to help you kickstart your creativity in times of artist’s block. Feel free to interpret these 50 prompts in any medium or style that inspires you!

Artworks Planner:

You can use the Art Planner section for a general body of artwork or to plan a collection.  This page works really well for planning similar artworks; for example, use one art planner page for trying some new pour painting ideas, another for some general ideas for clay sculptures of a similar style/subject, and another for a specific collection of oil paintings you have in mind.

Once a body of work is completed, you can remove the associated planner page from your binder or save it for your notes.  Keep any unfinished art planner pages for ideas on future works.

Sections include General Ideas, Title Ideas, Notes, Start and End Date, and Surface/Medium.

Sketch Pages:

Concept Sketch pages include a notes section next to each sketch area to make notes on ideas you have for this artwork.  The Final Sketch page includes a large drawing area and 12 color swatch areas to record the colors used for this drawing.

Firing Schedule:

This page is for tracking your kiln firing techniques and results.  Make notes on the cone/temperature you fired to, if the firing temperature was off (over-fire / under-fire), the results of your glazes/artworks, etc.  These notes are very useful for future firings, and you should keep them so you can revisit them for trouble shooting and to improve your firing technique.

Some clays and glazes are finicky, so these pages can be a life saver in ensuring that you get consistent results.  Tracking my firing techniques has saved quite a few artworks over the years!

Habit Tracker:

This section is incredibly useful for creating new habits.  Name the new habit you want to acquire, and assign it to one of your long-term goals if applicable.  Each page has space for 4 separate habits plus 30 spaces to shade in if you’ve achieved your daily goal.

Tip #1: it’s really tempting to go crazy on this section and add a lot of new habits at once.  If you’re new to planning and keeping a schedule, give yourself grace here and add only a few at a time.

Pick one big one that’s really important and more difficult, then choose a couple of easier habits.  See how things go over the next 30 days before adding more.

Tip #2: you can half-shade the circle if you made an attempt at your new habit, even if it wasn’t quite completed!  A page full of full-shade and half-shade habits is far more encouraging than an all-or-nothing check mark list for this type of tracker!

Tip #3: add a habit for art journaling and planning!  I set aside 15-20 minutes every evening for working out my schedule and reinforcing the steps needed for the next day.  This is a huge help in keeping me motivated and on track.

How I use this art planner:

To keep the download size as small as possible, I’ve only included one of each page in the PDF.  However, you can print different sections as many times as needed to personalize this art journal to your needs.  I start with printing these pages on 3 hole paper:

  • 1 cover page
  • 2 long-term goal pages
  • 4 weekly planner pages
  • 1 art journal prompts/art journal ideas page
  • 2 each:
    • art planner/collections planner
    • concept sketches
    • final sketch
    • firing schedule
    • habit tracker
    • notes

I print new pages as needed and add it to my binder.  This planner goes to the art studio every day to keep me on track, and is used as my “daily details” plan.

I use it in conjunction with my Goals/Project Planner spreadsheet, which gives me a larger overview of my projects and helps me organize the art planner with details only (basically breaking down the larger projects from the spreadsheet into bite-sized chunks!).


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