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8×10 Cougar Drawing || Mountain Lion Wall Art || High Quality Cougar Art Print


COUGAR DRAWINGS AND MOUNTAIN LION WALL ART: Jen’s artworks have a unique style of realism with a hint of exaggeration.  An intense level of detail goes into each work of art.  These artworks are high quality in both form and finish, and are made to last (see FAQ’s and Contact for more).  Each print comes in a protective sleeve with an artist signature, but won’t contain the watermarks you see here on the website.



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About This Cougar Drawing:

This elegantly simple cougar drawing depicts a mildly attentive mountain lion atop a ledge, peering down into the unknown.  This graphite pencil drawing has a minimalist style with a simple white background, bringing the focus to only the large cat and his perch.

More About This Wildlife Pencil Drawing:

Mountain lion wall art black and white: the original mountain lion drawing is graphite with a small amount of charcoal pencil for the darker details. These cougar art prints are available as an 8×10 and come sealed in a protective photo art bag.  It fits into a standard sized mat.  This mountain lion art is also available as:

Downloadable art  ||  ACEO card

ACEO cards are 2.5″ x 3.5″ and come in a protective card sleeve.  If you’re interested in smaller artworks and artist trading cards, visit the ACEO & Art Cards page.

Products Used In Making This Mountain Lion Drawing:

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