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8×10 “I Want Him” Colored Pencil Art || Horse Face Drawing || Horse Blue Eyes High Quality Print


“I WANT HIM” HORSE FACE DRAWING: Jen’s artworks have a unique style of realism with a hint of exaggeration.  An intense level of detail goes into each work of art.  These artworks are high quality in both form and finish, and are made to last (see FAQ’s and Contact for more).  Each print comes in a protective sleeve with an artist signature, but won’t contain the watermarks you see here on the website.



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About “I Want Him” 8×10 Drawing:

This realistic horse face drawing is special. Jax is my first horse as an adult, and I adore him. He has a heart of gold with a mind to match – and it doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous as well! We’ve had our challenges over the last couple of years after discovering that Jax has a muscle disorder – I drew this just before getting his diagnosis, at a time when our future was uncertain.

The main focus of this horse face drawing is the captivating detail around his right eye. Those deep, soulful blue eyes that hide pain on the bad days, but show such life and vitality on the good days. As his rehab progresses, the real-life version is starting to more frequently match the inquisitive version forever preserved in this drawing.

A Moment in Time – Why This Drawing is Special:

Backstory: in my early 30’s, I went looking for my first adult horse.  A friend tipped me off to a boarding facility with several horses for sell, and I went with a plan – broke, sane, and experienced.  Looking at the “broke” horses, I couldn’t find what I wanted.  As I walked away I turned back, and there he was: this stunning, 4 year old buckskin – staring at me as I walked away.

I kept walking, but talked with the barn owner and asked him some questions about him.  “Jax” was more expensive than the broke horses because of his breeding.  How could I spend extra money on a horse with no training??

I went back to look them all over one more time, and all the horses split in different directions, avoiding me completely – except him.  He thought about running since the others did, but stopped and looked back, coming right back to me.  Before I could get out of the field, I was telling the barn owner “I want him.”

How This Horse Face Drawing Was Created:

The original horse face drawing is graphite, and the dichromatic (2 color) finish was added post-production by both colored pencil and computer. It’s an open edition, 8×10 print that will come sealed in a protective photo art bag, and fits into a standard sized mat. This colored pencil art print is also available as:

Downloadable realistic horse head drawing  ||  Blue horse eye ACEO card

ACEO cards are a full rendition of each section of the original artwork.  Each are 2.5″ x 3.5″ and come in a protective card sleeve.  If you’re interested in smaller artworks and artist trading cards, visit the ACEO & Art Cards page.

See more Jax artworks!  For more about our challenges, visit PSSM – Jax’s Story!

Products Used In Making This Horse Face Drawing:

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