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Project Planner: Simple Goal Tracker Template and Project Tracker

GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE  ||  GOAL TRACKER TEMPLATE AND PROJECT PLANNER: this simple yet powerful project planner has everything you need to keep track of your art and other creative projects.  Upon purchase you’ll receive a PDF file with a link and instructions to save and access this file from Google Sheets.

This spreadsheet includes 3 sheets:

  • Customizable to-do list with auto-populating categories, check boxes that mark off finished items, and more
  • Weekly calendar that auto-populates all entries that fall into that week – simply set the first date in that week
  • Monthly calendar that auto-populates all entries that fall into that month – simply double-click the month at the top to set the calendar to whatever month you wish to view


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The customizable to-do list (first sheet) will pre-load information into the other sheets depending on the dates you select, allowing you to view to-do list items of a specific time period in the weekly and monthly calendar views.  This project tracker was built to work with any year, so there’s no expiration date for how long you can use this file!

Goal Tracker Printable Google Sheets: this project planner was created using Google Sheets.  Upon purchase, you’ll gain access to my un-editable file, which you can then download (Excel file) or copy, edit, and use as often as you wish.

There’s no limit on personal use of this file, but please share a link to this website rather than sharing the file (or PDF link) with others.


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