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Develop a Simple Social Media Strategy – 30 Day Art Challenge

GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE  ||  30 DAY ART CHALLENGE – SOCIAL MEDIA: download and print this simple social media strategy plan and basic calendar, along with tips and tricks for starting a social media campaign.  This 30 day art challenge is aimed at helping you develop a social media plan to grow your audience for your art or other creative business.  This printable social media for beginners calendar is available immediately upon purchase.


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This art social media planner is designed to help artists and other creatives develop a basic social media campaign.  This printable planner includes two pages of how-to’s and tips for getting started, a “habit” page for keeping track of your progress, and four weekly planners.  You can print off as many as you like and print certain sections to expand this planner into more weeks.

The simplicity of this planner is great for breaking down the beginning steps of social media campaigns, and will help you build a plan that works for you.


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