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DOWNLOAD “Stony Overlook” || Mountain Lion Drawing || High Quality 5×7 Chalk Drawing


THIS IS THE DOWNLOADABLE VERSION OF THE “STONY OVERLOOK” MOUNTAIN LION DRAWING.  It’s available for immediate download for your personal use, with professional prints also available.

The printable size for this artwork is 5″x7″, and you can use it as a phone wallpaper or share it on social media.

If you’re using this artwork for coloring, please respect the original signature and give credit for the original work if you share your image.

Download includes the computerized artist signature and website at the bottom of the image.  Please contact me for commercial or other web or print related uses of my artworks.


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“Stony Overlook” Charcoal and Conte Chalk Drawing:

This realistic panther drawing was created with a huge focus on the brooding sky behind pillars of cliff – the perfect backdrop for this beast, shadowing an unknown prey.  The turbulent clouds are the ideal setting, contrasting the calm demeanor of the animal while camouflaging the sleek details of the large cat’s visage –  the perfect hunter blending into his background.

How the Original Charcoal and Conte Drawing Was Made:

The original mountain lion drawing is mixed media using charcoal and conte chalk.

The downloadable version of this artwork is a 5″x7″ printable, and fits into a standard sized 5″x7″ mat and frame.

The image is high quality and suitable as a mobile device background, for social media, and other electronic uses, but final printed quality of downloadable art depends on your printer.  This artwork is also available as:

Wall art  ||  ACEO card

ACEO cards are 2.5″ x 3.5″ and come in a protective card sleeve.  If you’re interested in smaller artworks and artist trading cards, visit the ACEO & Art Cards page.

Products Used In Making These Panther Chalk Drawings:

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I strive to make beautiful, cool chalk drawings that are unique in their tone and aesthetic.  See all wildlife artworks by Jen!

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Dimensions5 × 7 × 1 in


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