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sculptor Jen Pratt

“A Quiet Brooding” ACEO || Watercolor Tree Art || High Quality 2.5×3.5 Print


“A QUIET BROODING” BEAUTIFUL TREE ART ACEO: ACEO cards are collectible artworks: small drawings and paintings that were first created to allow artists to trade work with one another, also known as artist trading cards.

Jen’s artworks have a unique style of realism with a hint of exaggeration.  An intense level of detail goes into each work of art.  These artworks are high quality in both form and finish, and are made to last (see FAQ’s and Contact for more).


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“A Quiet Brooding” 8×10 Watercolor Tree Art:

Watercolor tree art: I’ve experimented with watercolors a few times and love the medium, but I have a hard time (being a realistic artist) with the unpredictability of watercolors.  However, I broke through that barrier with “A Quiet Brooding” using a two medium approach, including both watercolors and pen & ink!  The nature of watercolors is freedom and vibrancy, and I’ve tempered that freedom with the strict detail of pen work to get a free flowing but more realistic watercolor tree painting.

How This Landscape Watercolor Painting Was Made:

The original sunset painting is mixed media, using pen art to establish the base lines of the tree, then watercolors, allowing that natural freedom and vibrancy to take the original drawing to a new level.

This is an ACEO, or Artist Trading Card, and is 2.5″ x 3.5″ and comes in a protective card sleeve.  Click more to read about ACEO cards and see all ACEO cards by Jen.

This watercolor tree painting is also available as:

Wall art  ||  Downloadable Art


Products Used In Making These Landscape Art Prints:

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Being a mixed media artwork, this painting had a couple of steps before any watercolors hit the paper!  The masking fluid was used to mask out the tree and ground so I could pour the background, then masking was used on the highlights of the tree.


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