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sculptor Jen Pratt

Beautifully Unique Clay Sculptures and Clay Art by Jen Pratt

Jen’s clay sculptures are one-of-a-kind, original artworks. They’re made of clay, kiln-fired for durability, and given a unique finish. Clay / ceramic sculptures are handmade and hand finished, and each sculpture can take over a month to complete. Each is completely unique, with no molds or casts made.  Clay sculptures and clay art by Jen are:

  • handmade with no molds or casts
  • original; these artworks can’t be found anywhere else
  • one-of-a-kind, unique artworks
  • highly detailed with unique builds and finishes
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About Jen's Clay Sculptures:

These clay artworks are high quality in both form and finish, and are built to last.  There are examples of clay pottery and artworks still in existence centuries after they were created, and with proper care could last for centuries more (for more on clay sculpture durability visit the FAQ section on my contact page).

The Unicorns of Horse Art

Jen has a unique style of realism with a hint of exaggeration.  Coupled with each piece being created without the use of molds or casts, this means that buying one of these sculptures is a chance to own a one-of-a-kind original that no one else has.  The delicate details of each work and the custom finishes will never be replicated – they are true originals.

Buy With Confidence:

You can buy ceramic sculptures on this website with confidence – sculptures will be shipped free of charge in packaging that ensures it makes it safely to you.  You’ll be provided with a tracking number and need to be available to sign for and receive your sculpture (signing/availability isn’t necessary for 2D art).


Portfolio of Jen's Clay Sculptures and Clay Art for Sale:

Considerations before purchasing:

Fine art should be kept in temperature controlled areas, therefore time of shipping is critical in making sure your new artwork arrives safely.  Intense temperature shifts of heat or cold can affect clay artworks by causing expansion cracks, therefore shipping of sculptures may be delayed due to weather.  Any purchasers will be kept up to date on any delays, and your patience with this process will be highly rewarded with the arrival of your new art piece!

Durability of Ceramic Sculptures:

While the finished product can be delicate, the same is said of fine porcelain – these are works of art, and not meant for utilitarian purposes.  That said, there are examples of clay pieces lasting hundreds of years. When attached to a wood base or other material it can increase the strength of legs and other areas, but cracks can appear in the clay piece due to differing expansion temperatures between wood and clay, so they shouldn’t be exposed to extreme heat or cold. All fine art should be kept in temperature controlled environments, but that’s especially important for a clay piece that’s attached to a base.

Typical room temperatures of houses and offices are no issue for clay sculptures, even with bases, even with a bit of a temperature swing from open windows, etc.  As long as your plumbing isn’t freezing, your sculptures will be just fine!

See Jen’s contact and FAQ page for more.

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