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sculptor Jen Pratt

Clay Art Classes || Sculpture for Beginners

Sculpture for beginners courses: free and premium sculpture classes available.  Ranging from beginning your clay journey to producing a finished clay sculpture.

Tools and Materials List:

I use several tools when working with clay, but only two or three are essential.

My Blick Art Materials tools list:

See my post on tools.

These are the only materials I need to get a finished bisqueware artwork. The kiln is by far the largest investment, but there are alternatives to buying a kiln before you’re sure clay is right for you. Air dry clays from Blick Art Materials can be good for beginners if longevity isn’t a priority, or you can find a local ceramic shop that may allow you to fire your sculpture (be aware that some shops won’t fire clay pieces with newspaper in them).

If clay is your next big adventure, then buying a kiln may be the right step. I use an older Evenheat with Model K (switches) kiln sitter for firing that I found on Facebook Marketplace. My posts on buying a kiln and orton cone charts / firing schedules can help you through the learning process, and Blick Art sells ceramic kilns.

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