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horse art

sculptor Jen Pratt

Handmade Human Art: About Clay Sculptures, Drawings, Paintings, and Original Artist’s Prints On This Website

Horse Art - Finding inspiration for your artworks - Jax horse paintings from Paint Your Pet events in Springfield MO

Handmade, Human Artworks

My work falls into two major categories: artist’s originals, and original artist’s prints.  Many of my 2-D works are available as prints, while my 3-D works are typically originals.

  • Original Art – the first version of an artwork created, in the original medium; i.e. not a reproduction
  • Original Artist’s Prints – an artwork that has been manually printed by the artist who created the original artwork.

None of the images found on this website are A.I. generated.  All art on this site is handmade, and of my own creation.

How I Pick Subjects:

I have a deep love for all things horse-related, which is why a lot of my artworks depict horses.  Everything from riding, to general management, to caring for a special needs horse, to training a youngster… It’s all an amazing process of working with the mind of a sensitive being.

Finding a deeper meaning in all things, especially when creating art, intrigues me.  This is why a hint of surrealism usually entangles itself into my artworks.  Nature and landscapes, re-wilding, and watching the works of man being pulled back down into it’s natural state by saplings, weeds, herbs, and forest; this drives my love of abandoned buildings and many of the other surrealistic images I’ve taken (photography) or created.

Horse Sculpture "Dapple" by Artist Jen Pratt - Horse Art, Handmade Fine Art Sculptures

Availability of New Artworks and Classes

Because all artworks are produced by hand, and most of the art I love is highly detailed, each artwork encompasses several hours of work (40-50 minimum for larger sculptures, 10-15 hours for a highly detailed 8×10 drawing).  This, coupled with other life obligations, means that this site isn’t updated with new artworks at a rapid pace.  

Let's Keep In Touch!

Coming Soon! Original drawing completed and starting printing process!

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