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sculptor Jen Pratt

Horse Artworks and Horse Gifts: Find the Best Gifts for Horse Lovers

GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE || Find horse artworks here: from small horse gifts and ACEOs to larger unique gifts for horse lovers!

  • one-of-a-kind clay horse artworks
  • wall art horse gifts
  • small horse artworks and ACEOs (artist trading cards)
  • downloadable horse gifts
Art for sale: clay sculpture "Dapple" by artist Jen Pratt; buy art online, horse artworks, horse gifts

The Best Gifts for Horse Lovers are Unique and Beautiful

Jen has a unique style of realism with a hint of exaggeration.  From downloadable artworks that can be used as mobile wallpaper, to small art prints, to wall art, and finally to clay sculptures: find unique horse gifts for that special horse lover in your life.

Buy Unique Gifts for Horse Lovers With Confidence:

You can buy with confidence – sculptures will be shipped free of charge in packaging that ensures it makes it safely to you.  You’ll be provided with a tracking number and need to be available to sign for and receive your sculpture.  Signing/availability isn’t necessary for 2D art, which will be shipped at current shipping rates with tracking numbers provided.


Portfolio of Jen's Horse Artworks and Horse Gifts:

FAQ'S About Jen's Horse Artworks:

Fine art should be kept in temperature controlled areas, therefore time of shipping is critical in making sure your new artwork arrives safely.  Intense temperature shifts of heat or cold can affect clay artworks by causing expansion cracks, therefore shipping of sculptures may be delayed due to weather.  Any purchasers will be kept up to date on any delays, and your patience with this process will be highly rewarded with the arrival of a flawless art piece!


Typical room temperatures of houses and offices are no issue for clay sculptures, even with bases, even with a bit of a temperature swing from open windows, etc.  As long as your plumbing isn't freezing, your sculptures will be just fine!

The short answer is yes. Though there are examples of clay pieces lasting hundreds of years, small parts like ears, legs, etc. can be fragile. When attached to a wood base or other material, cracks can appear in the clay piece due to differing expansion temperatures, so they shouldn't be exposed to extreme heat or cold. All fine art should be kept in temperature controlled environments, but that’s especially important for a clay piece that’s attached to a base. See my How To Sculpt Clay post for more information on the clay medium.

Yes! Each fine art original is scanned in high quality (600 x 600 dpi), then printed by a quality Epson printer onto photo paper that is archival in nature.  This includes all fine art prints for sale as wall art, ACEO cards, note cards, etc.

Downloadable art prints: my original horse drawings, figurative art, and paintings can be purchased as printable art and cool phone backgrounds.  You'll get one 5"x7" downloadable art print that can be used as:

  • wallpaper for mobile, tablet, or desktop (will not be full screen on desktop)
  • shared on social media
  • printed as a fine art print
  • as a coloring page for children and adults (black and white images best suited for this)

These artworks are available for immediate download for your personal use. While downloaded images can be shared on social media, please contact me for commercial or other web or print related uses.


Visit the Printable Art Gallery for more information about downloadable artworks by Jen.


* Final artwork quality for downloadable artworks will depend on your printer.

Very rarely, but at this time I’m not taking any commissions.

Teaching artists are professional artists that also work as educators.  These educators don't have to be in a scholarly setting, online classes and other platforms are also acceptable venues for education.

I do! With my love of horses, I intend to do some horsehair pottery once I get my pottery equipment together. I love pottery but have never had the setup for it, so that is in my 2-5 year plan (hopefully by 2025).

Jen is not only a clay sculptor / horse artist, but is also a WordPress web designer. She designs websites for small business and other artists, and also maintains some of her own personal website projects.  Here are links to her other websites:

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