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Small Business Tools: How To Start an Art Business the Right Way

Find small business tools and art business ideas, classes to help develop your artistic style, and more.  Everything is available as either an online course or a downloadable item.

  • budget spreadsheets
  • social media campaign strategies
  • small business planning
  • clay sculpture and drawing classes to help hone your craft
  • 30 day art challenges
  • and more

Small Business Tools for Starting an Art Business:

Social Media Calendar Template With Hashtag Manager - For Artists and Creatives

How To Start An Art Business The Right Way:

Having your small business tools in order and knowing how to use them is only part of the battle when starting an art business or other creative venture.  Continued learning and perfecting your craft is first and foremost.  Browse through my art classes to see if any of them can help you on your creative journey:

There’s also a LOT of useful information in the Helpful Articles section, including study guides for firing a kiln, drawing a horse head, and much more!

Budgets, Goal Trackers, and Other Tools for Your Art Business or Other Small Business:

Once you’ve honed your craft and have products ready to share with the world, you’ll need tools to help you track the business side of things.  The spreadsheets available on this site are affordable and powerful, and can help you get on track with everything from your budget to your social media campaigns!

How Can I Spread The Word About My Art Business?

There are two social media campaign tools to help you spread the word about your art business:

The calendar is robust and editable (Google Sheets), while the 30 Day Art Challenge is a basic primer that’s printable.

Downloadable Spreadsheets:

Once you finish your purchase of a printable download, you'll have access to the actual file.  Download the file and use it as often as you wish, but kindly share this link rather than sharing the product.  There are no returns on downloadable products, but if you have any trouble with your purchase please contact me.

Once you finish your purchase of a spreadsheet template, you'll receive a PDF that contains a link to the Google spreadsheet you purchased.  There are instructions on the PDF for using your new spreadsheet. You may use the spreadsheet as often as you wish and for any number of products, but please share a link to the product rather than sharing the product.  Returns are not accepted on downloadable products, but please contact me if you have any troubles.

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